Student Nomination Story

My teacher is my hero, I can trust her with all my personal stuff. She is the best thing I have. We are lucky to have this teacher. She is beautiful, sweet, and kind hearted. She is someone who plants seeds of knowledge and sprinkles them with love, patiently nurturing their growth to produce tomorrow's dreams. I tell you she is the best teacher, she loves us and tells us that every single day.

Kiada Wilson

My teacher has changed my life by being open with me and other students. She has always talked to us and taught us more. She has helped me with the program I am in and has helped me with work I struggled with. She has motivated me a lot and her words of inspiration influence me. She is open with anybody and keeps a close connection with all of us. Her personality is wonderful. She is humorous, caring, understanding, nice, and encouraging. She teaches us more things and makes sure we understand them before we move on. She is considerate too. Overall, she cares about all her students and the way she acts has had a huge impact on me. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Alexandra Hernandez

I thank Ms. Gonzalez for helping me understand if people talk about me just say thank you. She always talk to me about issues I have. When Ms. Gonzalez talks to me I feel so much better and all of the stress is off my chest so thank you Ms. Gonzalez to everything. I love her.

Dynasty Anderson

My teacher has changed my life by showing me how to be a good person. Also, respect others if you want to be respected. Ms. Gonzalez told me not all people treat others the same but you still have to treat others with kindness because they are human too. For example, she says if you do good, good will come back in return. Ms. Gonzalez is just inspiring to me. There are others ways she has changed my life but it will take 220 years, LOL!

Hope Woods

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