Student Nomination Story

Mr. Lewis is an APUSH (AP US history) for Poway High School. He is very involved with his classes, and allotts time for Saturday schools in which he helps further prepare his students for finals, or any other issues his students may be having. I’ve always been able to talk to him not only about history, but also about any personal issues. He maintains flexibility and support throughout our high school careers and has continuously inspired me and many others to keeps a positive outlook, and to make our challenges fun. Not only is he extraordinary involved with his students, he makes his lessons interactive and easier to understand with hands on activities. He has organized a mock civil war battle, situational instances in which simulate historic lifestyles, and keeps us involved with a multitude of presentations in which facilitates our speaking skills. Overall, Mr. Lewis is not just an outstanding teacher, but also a role model in which many of his students, including myself, look up to.

Sarenity McCoy

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