Student Nomination Story

I started my first day of school in America with a study hall, then I had world literature. Third period, us-history, I went to the class. Of course, I was late, this school is huge; mine in Italy has 1200 students, here 2300, it wasn’t the easiest to find all my classes on the first day. However I went to his class, I set in the back, the first seat I saw free. I still remember the feeling, when he, after the bell ring, started to speak. I remember I opened my mouth wide in amazement, he was speaking so fast, too fast for me. I had no idea what was going on, what he was talking about. I knew it was history just because my schedule said it. This situation kept going for at least a week, I was just sitting there, trying to understand, trying to pick up as much as possible. Now, after almost 6 months here, I can say I love this class, it’s really important to me. The most beautiful aspect is that I used to hate history. It wasn’t the right class for me, I didn’t like the way it was slow, it was meaningless for me, I didn’t understand why the teachers were so excited about it. I used to see just different groups of people who did something important for us now, but nothing more. I’m so glad I met Mr. Haase, he changed my mind about history, I love history now. I started to see that class thinking that it’s our right to go to school, to learn about bad actions that someone did in the past, we have to learn to make sure we don't make the same mistake again. History is for this, to study, to understand, what has brought humanity to this point, and since the world is not exactly the most peaceful place, it means that we are continuing to make mistakes. We must learn, be sure not to repeat, try to improve. I believe this applies to everyone's life, we should learn from our mistakes, even if they are big or small. Mr. Haase opened my eyes. I don’t know how he did it, maybe it’s just to see how much it means for him, and because he’s an adult, you expect that he knows more than you. So it makes you actually ask yourself, why does he like this class? What is important to him? And then finally realize that is the class, the class he’s teaching is making him so passionate and enthusiastic. Thank you Mr. Haase for teaching me how to love history, and how to love school.

Viola Regini

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