Student Nomination Story

Our son is a big time introvert, and we, his parents, are always encouraging him to seek out opportunities to socialize with others. We are beyond blessed that Mr. Torres, built a connection with our son right from the start, and continues to encourage him, even while the school is closed for Covid-19. Earlier this school year, our son, was excited to show us that his teacher had written a letter to him. Our son was also super impressed that his teacher had taken time to write each of his students a letter explaining how important that student was and that he was honored to be that student's teacher. Our son, who is a high achiever, doesn't normally care all that much about small actions like this one, but to him it really impressed him. Mr. Torres has built a connection with his students and continues to encourage them to do their work and try their best despite the very difficult situation we currently find ourselves in. As a history teacher myself (the same grade that my son is in) I also have been super impressed with Mr. Torres and his careful planning and detail into his lessons. Not only do I know that my son is learning but I have been learning while Mr. Torres had shared his resources with me (a 19 year veteran of the same subject matter). We are blessed with his impact on our son.

Kaleolani Ilac

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