Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Tondi is an amazing teacher and person. She has a true passion for teaching kids to love learning. Both my kids have had her and she has instilled in them a love for reading and math. She inspires them to be better students and better people. Not only does she teach what is required, she helps them learn new strategies for understanding the material. She also teaches and emphasizes that kids have confidence and speak their wants while being kind. She truly takes the time both in and out of the classroom to not only teach, but to get to know each child and family and to become a part of their lives and help them in any way she can. She always goes above and beyond what is required or expected, even going to her students after school activities to support them on the fields or in whatever interests they have. In all of my years of having teachers for myself and my kids, I have never in my life come across a teacher who cares as much as Mrs. Tondi and who is as passionate and loving to her students.

Alessandra Sciurba

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