Student Nomination Story

I had ms. Martinez when I was in kindergarten roughly about 20+ years ago and I remember she was very sweet and nice. I remember she would always reward us for good behavior whether it be with candy, toys, stickers or even a high five. She would always go above and beyond for her students and cared for each and every one of us. Now I have a son in Pre-K and was lucky to get to choose ms.martinez as his teacher. Now 20+ years later I see and realize that she still continues to go above and beyond for her students and loves what she does. She often rewards them for good behavior like she would when I was a kid and out of her own pocket. She often send the kids home with gifts and when they have a bad day she's energetic and silly and turns their whole mood around. She takes the time to really get to know each student and their needs. She really is a one of a kind human/teacher who cares and loves her students. Now as an adult I see the special kind of person she is and am so fortunate to have had her not only as my own teacher but now as my son's teacher as well. We love ms. Martinez and she deserves the world and much more.

Theodore Magana

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