Student Nomination Story

I am a mom to an extraordinary medically complex son who is on oxygen. Mrs. Lopez has the best communication with me and has always handled herself so well. My son Esteban has had a few bullying incidents at the school and his teacher has always kept me in the loop and is like a second mom to him. Time after time she has proven to be one of the best educators my son has ever had. She goes out of her way to make sure Esteban is heard, and is the biggest advocate, biggest cheerleader that he can have at the school since COVID has limited the times a parent can actually enter or be at the school to monitor anything. One instance she pulled me aside with tears in her eyes to let me know she handled the bullying situation so effortlessly and turned that situation into a lesson for the class. She also made sure to let me know Esteban is excelling in English and wanted him to strive.

Esteban Yanez

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