Student Nomination Story

I am 44 years old and had Jayden in a very bad time in my life. He was born with difficulties and had issues since birth however, I chose to keep him amidst a horrible time of struggles in my life went to rehab and gained back my life worked hard everyday and still do to maintain my sobriety. However, my 14 yr old son was killed in a car accident 8 months after I was home and it SHOOK our family to the core it was two days before fathers day and 3 days after my moms' birthday ! Three months later both my grandmothers passed away and things seemed to be at their lowest ! Jayden however has brought us sooooo much light, love and Laughter that we just stop to say thank you everyday for our blessings. It was only until this year through many different doctor appointments that we finally got Jayden's diagnosis correct and His medicines right to help him! He has sensory disorder Autism and ADHD a well as developmental delays. He started Kindergarten this year and on the very first day was sent home then placed in a class with 16 other such children. Needless to say it was a disaster he was being sent home daily and acting out. The school was trying as well and no answers it was terrible on myself and him. I was at a stand still lost and terrified with what to do until Mrs. jones was given to him as his new teacher! She is a light in a dark world a path on a road not accessible for me. SHE is WONDERFUL and is THE BEST TEACHER EVER. Jayden has not had one day sent home and is excited to get up EVERY Morning to go to school now and see her. She has taught him patience, love and kindness and just how to stand tall in a world where we are still learning how to deal with children with these types of disabilities. Jayden is now counting to 100, speaking clearly and starting to read. There are so many accomplishments this teacher has brought out of my son that I cant list them all !!! The greatest to me is that I can send my baby to school knowing he Is safe, loved and learning and wants to be there everyday. I cannot express the change this little boy Has made ini his life because of her and the school and to have lost a child. NO mother should have to go through that and feel like I'm losing another child. Behavior issues and disabilities were overwhelming to me all over again. I felt as though I was having to relive Jarett's death again and an angel was sent to me in the form of a teacher who cared enough and loved her kids enough to help. Her name is Cindy Jones and I want to say thank you!!! There is a lot more to tell you but the computer wouldn't hold all the worlds I feel I can say about the change in my son and our family due to this woman!

James Miller

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