Student Nomination Story

My teacher has changed my life in many ways here is one. Mr. Palmer has help me and my class mates learn leader ship skills, to help us with The Amazing Shake. The Amazing Shake is a "Challenge" to test our soft skills. I think that has help me a lot in my outside life.

Kevin Almonte

Mr. Palmer has been a great teacher, he has been teaching us great life skills he is our school leadership teacher. He made everyone in our grade great at life skills, he also went to The Ron Clark Academy and he saw something really amazing there he brought back our amazing shake, if you do not know what that is, it is a huge test that tests us in life skills. I would have never made it as far in the amazing shake without him. I do admit I do not know him very well But he is a great man.

Avery Lawrence

Mr. Palmer has been a great teacher because he is always there for me and other kids too he always appreciate what we do and Mr. Palmer has been teaching us great life skills such as manners the proper type of manners and that is amazing and whenever I eat food and I am at a nice place I always remember what he taught us. He also taught us how to give a good handshake it is amazing how all this stuff that he has been teaching us is gonna help later in life I am so grateful to have this teacher who helps us with life skills and is always there for kids whenever they need it. He did an amazing shake this year from Ron Clark Academy he has listed The Essential 55 skills, the Essential 55 skills is a list that Mr. Palmer hung up in his classroom and we have to follow those rules one of the rules is Essential 20 when a sub is here all class rules still apply. Mr. Palmer also runs the school assemblies and you've got to have the courage to do that because is in front of the whole school and that takes courage. He is one of the funniest teachers I know and he always makes kids happy whenever they are sad or mad or having a ruff time and he is always there. That is a little bit about our amazing teacher Mr. Pamer.

Madison Allred

Mr. Palmer has changed my life by teaching my class about leadership and life skills that we will need when we grow up. Mr. Palmer put together our school's first Amazing Shake from the Ron Clark Academy where we were tested on our life skills like handshakes, soft skills, and how to keep a conversation going. Even I got far and I am a Very Quiet Person. At least in class, but now I am a lot more comfortable in interacting. Mr.Palmer has definitely helped this world be better.

Taylor Webb

Mr. Palmer my teacher who has changed my life has taught us, the 21st-century skills also known as the "Soft Skills" for a competition called the Amazing Shake originally from the Ron Clark Academy which he planned all by himself. Mr. Palmer makes learning fun and understandable. For example, there is something called servant leadership which means you put others before you no matter what title you have.


Mr. Palmer has been an amazing teacher ever since he started teaching at RIS so I am just going to tell the most important reason he should get awarded teacher of the year or else you will be here all day reading. So, my first reason Mr. Palmer should get awarded teacher of the year he adapted the Ron Clark Academy amazing shake to our school. If you have not heard of it, it is his big test of the year. the amazing shake is a competition to test the students on the skill he thought all year the amazing shake tests the student's confidence, poise, charisma, Professional attire, good hygiene and much more. He also organizes all of our fun assemblies that reward all of our students character. At our school there are houses the houses are called Bidii, Coraggio, Ansvar, Integrity, and Sumus, all of those houses have their own character traits. If your house has the most points you get to go on a very fun field trip. What he has done that has changed my personal life is whenever I have a tough day I go to Mr. Palmer and he cheers me up and makes my day great again. That is why Mr. Palmer should be the teacher of the year!

Logan Piper

Mr. Palmer is a great teacher. One of my favorite things that he has done for us is the Amazing Shake. He has taught us all the skills needed for the Amazing Shake, and skills for real life. He brings a great spirit to the school and has fun ways of teaching his classes. He treats everyone equally and is very funny. Mr. Palmer is a great teacher. He has brought houses to the school and he is very responsible. Did I mention how much fun his class is? Well it's very fun! He teaches me in leadership, along with about 22 others, and every other class he teaches STEM. He is supportive of everyone and provides great opportunities. There is no word that shares how awesome he is, and there are thousands of words in the English language. He taught us about je ne sais quoi, and just like he told us, there is something about him that just makes him easy to trust and talk to. Mr. Palmer has done so much for me and the tones of other people. That is why he is such a great teacher and should be the teacher of the year.

Emerson Eilers

One way I think he is a great teacher is just how awesome he is the best teacher you could ever wish for he is encouraging and nice to everybody I do not know how to put it into word but he is awesome and great

Abel Garcia

He taught me leadership skills.

Angel Carrasco

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