Student Nomination Story

As a student it often feels tough to connect with the educator because you only see them for a small amount of time in the day. Not Neuman however, this teacher connects with each student in his class no matter their background and makes sure they understand the topics at hand. With unorthodox methods of teaching and guest speakers there is never a dull moment in class. Personally this teacher has helped me grow into the person I am today by giving me a place to belong and has provided counsel on numerous times. Beyond my parents he is the person I most respect not only as a teacher but as human being. Being a person with sickle cell I often miss school often, and when I return without a beat Neuman will display a concern often seen by teachers of recent and as a man of great integrity and intelligence he is overwhelmingly overqualified for his position and yet he comes to school everyday not only teaching students the materials but teaching its applications on our world in current using pop culture as well as academics. I have often asked myself who is the best teacher I've ever had and answer always comes down to Neuman someone I look up to not only as a teacher but as person and aspire to one day become half the person he is.

Brandon Green

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