Student Nomination Story

My husband and I were very leary of public school having a special needs son. Our son Aiden is Autistic and was behind with a lot of things. We were not sure how he would be in a school classroom setting as it is much different than daycare/pre-k setting. We didn't know if his peers would accept him either as he is about 2. 5 years mentally behind his age group. Mr Huff was a very fresh breath of air for us as parents and most importantly, our son. Aiden thrived in his class and brought me to tears several times this year as I saw his writing, speech, vocabulary, confidence, and self esteem thrive. Mr Huff made sure we had open communication about his needs and also made sure we knew his successes in his classroom. He encouraged Aiden throughout the year with every new thing. Aiden's Behavioral Specialist would come in and observe Aiden in his class from time to time and would say how Mr Huff really worked with him and took his time with him. As the year went on our child thrived! He brought home his report cards and I cried seeing grades I never thought I would see given the level of support he required and how he was delayed. Mr Huff teaches an environment of inclusion and acceptance and he makes sure each child excels and grows. I cannot say enough kind things about this man. It reminds me of the teachers I had in school who pushed me to grow and gave me confidence in my abilities as a student and a person. Even as a nurse, people in my community know his name and speak his praises highly. He deserves to be rewarded for his work. Teachers are precious and shape our children. My child, and everyone in his class is truly blessed to have this Educator in their lives. He is a bright light in a world that is seemingly losing it's shine.

Aiden Cowan

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