Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Klun By Ava Jaskolski, grade 122 “Good Morning, Ava,” is the best part of my school day. Mrs. Klun is always so bright, happy, and lively no matter what day it is. She is my Personal Law and Business Law teacher, at Arrowhead Union High School. Both law classes are two classes I would take again for sure. I have had my struggles in school which include falling behind or concentrating in class. Mrs. Klun is one of the most supportive teachers I have ever had. She is understanding when it comes to making up work. Also, she is helpful when it comes to questions and not understanding the material being taught. Her classes are not just lectures; they include projects, videos, worktime, and group work. Even though it’s 7:30 AM, the class is so engaging it keeps me awake. When it comes to a long week or a long weekend, Mrs. Klun is invested in the lives of her students by asking them questions, seeing how the weekend went, and checking in on how college visits are going. Outside of the classroom, she is a mother and a wife, and she is always taking care of them and wanting them to succeed. Being a mother-like figure has helped the teacher-student relationships with all of her students to be amazing. One thing I have learned is that success comes from hard work and effort. Mrs. Klun wants to see her students succeed not just in school but in everyday life, just like how she wants the same for her kids. I have had my fair share of teachers from multiple schools and no teacher had the impact that Mrs. Klun had on my education and my life. She is the reason that I have decided to explore law as I step into the next steps of the future. I am beyond grateful for how she pushed my knowledge and education to the next level. Having an understanding teacher that knows about family complications, being a student, and also having a job is the most wonderful thing ever. Mrs. Klun is strong, a hard worker, and overall one of the greatest teachers a student could ever have. The kind of support system that every high school student wants when they are going through such a big part of their lives.

Ava Jaskolski

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