Student Nomination Story

In the fourth grade, I wasn't very confident in math (and school in general besides writing). But then when Mrs. Dewees became my teacher, all of that changed! She didn't just focus on the areas I was still troubled about, but she also supported me in my writing which led me to publishing my first poem. She is always there for all her students and is funny, kind, and an understanding teacher. She gave me confidence and the willingness to try harder. She has no idea what a change she made for me. She takes the time and effort to be the best teacher I could ever have. She inspires me and leads me to reach my goals! I really do believe that she deserves this award, but, if she doesn't receive it, that's ok - it does not change her from being the single best teacher I have ever had and the fact that she will inspire future students to come - and I thank her for that.

Alena Rodriguez

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