Student Nomination Story

When I started junior year 2nd semester I was unmotivated, unhappy, and had no idea of a future plan. Luckily that semester I was accidentally placed in Mrs. Clarke's fashion merchandising class and I truly can't explain how thankful I am for that. Before I met Mrs. Clarke I had some great teachers but never had a teacher who truly made me feel confident, smart and useful. She inspired me to stand up a little taller and speak out, that my ideas were actually good enough to say out loud. I found myself not wanting to let her down, which pushed me to think more creatively and follow through with promises or commitments. She truly became a role model and a mentor to me. Words can't describe how thankful I am to have known Mrs. Clarke. I wish everyone can have a Mrs. Clarke in their lives, someone who makes you feel validated and worth something.

Rachel McCallie

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