Student Nomination Story

she has changed my life in so many ways its so unblieveable for the things shes done. she has made me a better person from the begginning of the school year to now. she also has changed my life by the things she has done. she is literally my best friend. imma be real upset when she leaves. she will literally help you get caught up in class. she will be there for you physically and emotionally. my favorite thing about her is the fact that she has a big heart and loves everybody. she listens to you and trys to give you the best advice possible. ik her and i get into it sometimes but i wouldnt be where im at right now if it wasnt for her and my grandmother pushing me to do stuff. she is also very fun. she has alot of energy. she is just amazing. and she basically lets you do whatever you want. i love you mrs. ziegler

Makenzie Wenger

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