Student Nomination Story

The name of my favorite and the best teacher in the whole world is Ms. Christina Salazar. She is an ESL teacher that has impacted my life in various ways not only in school but out of school also. When I first came to the United States two years ago I had no one, no friends in school, but from the first day she made me feel at home and supported me through my English learning and academic journey and helped me out a lot when I had difficulties fitting with the academics here. My teacher has worked with students from different countries and she really has the patience to stay with them after school and help you do your homework or if you had any questions. As a senior I faced a lot of difficulties applying to colleges but she helped me through out. She is the only teacher I can talk to when I am stressed or I had a bad day. She has changed my life completely and I hope this helps explain why I nominate her and also she is my hero. Thank you in advance.

Mabinty Koroma

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