Student Nomination Story

Ms. Frelk has changed my life than any other teacher in all of my years of going to school so far. She is so nice and kind to her students (I am one of those students). She is fair. She makes learning so fun and interesting especially since most kids don't like the idea of learning. when I get into her class I WANT to learn. I enjoy her motivational words and her understanding of technology issues and personal issues. With online school, I know it is stressful but she goes on every morning and puts a smile on everyone's face. She works so hard to grab our attention and get us motivated to learn. She uses our likes (for example, in one assignment she used Pixar examples to teach us the theme). This got all of our attention and helped us learn in a fun way. Ms. Frelk is an amazing teacher! She is such an amazing person in general. Not only does she care about our education but she cares about US and here's an example. Thanksgiving break is coming up and she closed our assignment so that we did not work on it over break. She said "I want you to enjoy your time off not stress about an assignment" This warmed my heart to know that my teacher cared. she even told us we could work on the assignment when we returned to school so we did not have to stress about finishing it :). Ms. Frelk is the best teacher anyone could ask for. she teaches us skills inside and out of the classroom. She is always motivating me and she is always making sure we do our best in the classroom. she wants us to share our thoughts. Every time we don't share she encourages us to share and with me having anxiety that's hard but her words make me feel calm and I have the courage to speak up and not be shy or scared.

Katie Brigham

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