Student Nomination Story

I took AP Microeconomics my junior year at Arrowhead High School. At the time I knew I was going to study business, but I did not know specifically what I wanted to major in. That was my mindset until I finished my microeconomics class with Mrs. Klun. I remember micro from last year for the topics that have transferred over in my AP Macroeconomics class, but the things I remember most were the experiences in the class that did not relate to school at all. The small things such as Feelings Fridays and the talks about the most random things before and after class were my favorite parts by far because it was such a break from my normal repetitive schedule. Throughout the year I either had lunch or a study hall after the class, so sometimes I would stay and talk to Mrs. Klun about things like sports, my job, and my plans for college. Mrs. Klun was one of the first teachers I had at Arrowhead that actually made an effort to have an actual connection with her students. This made me want to put more effort into her class since I knew she cared how I did. As the class went on I became more and more interested in economics. Both semesters I got an A in the class, and was prepared well enough to get a 4 on the AP exam in May. After the AP exam and more towards the end of the year I asked Mrs. Klun to write me a letter of recommendation for me since I thought she knew my work ethic and me as a person. She agreed to write it for me, and I decided to not read it until I got decisions from all of the schools I applied to. Because I liked Mrs. Klun so much as a teacher I decided to also take her personal law class the first semester of my senior year. To be completely honest, I wasn’t very interested in law at all. I just thought the class would be fun with her, the class ended up having a couple of fun people too. Although my view on law didn’t change too much, that was one of the most fun I have ever had in a class at Arrowhead. Although now I don't have any classes with her, I still go to say hi to her if I walk by her classroom or see her around the school. Mrs. Klun was a teacher that was caring and someone who wanted everyone to succeed. Thank you, Mrs. Klun, for helping me through your class and all the things you have done for me. I wanted to let you know you are the reason I will be majoring in economics or economic consulting & business analytics depending on where I go to college this upcoming fall. I want to also thank you for always being available to lend a helping hand and the endless advice you have given me. I will always remember those experiences forever.

Jackson Knaus

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