Student Nomination Story

During my junior year at Arrowhead Union High School, I decided to double up with science courses and take both physics and chemistry. I knew I could do it because I heard that it wasn’t uncommon for people to double up, but I was still a little nervous because physics is all math and I've never enjoyed math. Eventually, the first semester started and as the warm days turned into darkness my physics grade dropped. Everytime I thought I knew the subject, the test would take me by surprise. That first semester I somehow got away with a B, even though I still felt like I knew nothing. I knew I needed to do something different for next semester, and boy was I in luck. On my first day of second semester, I had no idea I’d walk into a classroom with a teacher as energetic and excited as Mr. Streufert. He reminded me of my puppy wagging his tail whenever I’d say the word, treat. I quickly grew to love the atmosphere of his class room and with that I grew to enjoy physics. It always amazed me how he could give off his energy to others. He was like the outlet to the most powerful lightbulb. During my second semester I never saw a bad grade, unlike the semester before. I constantly saw As and Bs and sometimes a C, but whenever that happened, Mr. Streufert was available before school to go over my questions with me. I feel like because he was available throughout the day, it helped me a lot because I never had to hold onto my questions for a long amount of time until I eventually would forget about them. I also liked how when I would ask him questions you could tell that not only did he really know his subject, but he also really wanted to help you. The positive timbre of his voice was proof that he loves what he does. Being in Mr. Streuferts presents has really taught me a lot. I feel like whenever I walked into his room he would be smiling and trying to make the best of that moment. It could have been a cold, Monday afternoon where everyone wanted to sleep and he’d still find a way to keep everyone interested in what he was talking about. Mr. Streufert was also very driven. He would go out of his way to make lab videos for us to learn on and if it was obvious that people were struggling with a concept he would create more practice problems and possibly add in another lesson, so he could re-explain it. Thank you Mr. Streufert for being such a great teacher. You made physics more interesting to me, and because of that I am planning on majoring in an aeronautics field: a subject with physics concepts. I was upset that I wasn’t able to have you again, but please keep up the outstanding work.

Griffin Gohde

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