Student Nomination Story

My teacher Chloe Page has made a bigger impact on my life than she knows. My school is a transitional school for adults with learning disabilities and special needs. She has helped me through good and bad situations and gives me the best advice. When helping through situations she often uses examples from her life to show me I’m not alone with what I’m going through. Even though she is hard on me and has high expectations I know it’s out of love because it helps me push harder with what I’m doing. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. One way she has is inspired me is to be a teacher I'm hoping one day I can be a great teacher like her. Chloe has helped me grow as a person by showing/telling me it’s ok to make mistakes and try new things. Without Chloe I wouldn’t be as confident in myself. Not that other teachers didn’t help there. One day we were talking and she told me something that made me think she said, "You're a good person, I know. I know if you set your mind to something you can do it. I mean that”. That’s one thing that hasn’t left me and will never leave me. Chloe makes me feel heard when I feel no one is listening. She helps me slowly come over my fears one by one. Chloe is fun, upbeat, and at times can be very witty. It’s obvious she is very passionate about her job and loves what she does. We go out in the community a lot. When we are on the city bus she gives us chances to navigate where we are going and to be independent with her help if need. I’m grateful for my teacher because she believes in me even when I don’t, and pushes away at it until it comes through. She’s very understanding when it comes to problems you have and will help in how ever she can to help you resolve it. Not only does Chloe inspire me, I see she inspires other students as well. Being in her class has helped me change my perspective and out look on the world. Not only has she help me realize that taking chances and trying new things are okay. I have realized everyone is different and unique in there own way for there own purposes. She has really help me prepare for my future and everything she has taught me with be with me for the rest of my life.

Jessica Graves

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