Student Nomination Story

Señora Chiquinquira Jiménez has inspired me from the first day I met her. Her spirit and passion for teaching influenced my own. Constantly she showed support for her students through words of advice, consoling then when they’re upset or going through a rough patch. Especially for me. My anxiety as a freshman was bad, which made it very hard for me to go up in front of my class and present. On of these times, I left the room before it was my turn to go up and she followed me out. In the hallway I professed my anxiety and started crying. She told me that I would be okay and told me she understood what I was facing. She encouraged me to continue on with a smile and she would be right there for me. From then on, I would come to her with my dilemmas and she would listen with an open mind and offer support in any way she could. Her kindness and thoughtfulness helped me through all four years of high school, even if she was not my teacher that year. She was my support system away from home, something I definitely needed. Chiquinquira Jiménez is not only a wonderful teacher but a kind and supportive human being who wants the best for her students.

Macy Fraser

Although I do not encounter Senora Jimenez as her student, I am a part of her warrior block. This means that I see her for a good 20 minutes or so each day I attend school. Being a new student at this school means that I have more to adapt to and learn from, rather than a student who has been attending the school for a year or more. On the first day of school I remember Ms. Jimenez introducing herself to me, expressing how excited she was to have me in her warrior block. On this specific day, I was very nervous and anxious, experiencing this new school for the first time. Ms.Jimenez was able to calm me down and made me realize that there isn't much to worry about. Ms. Jimenez is not only one of the most considerate teachers I have met, but one of the most caring and passionate teachers there are. Some days when I enter my warrior block, Ms. Jimenez will be spending time with a handful of students that are a part of her spanish class. When she is with these students, she devotes her time to dealing with specific issues or struggles her students may be facing, regarding her class. She gives her full attention to these concerns, listening to every word her student expresses to her, and she takes these concerns and formulates multiple solutions in which benefit the student. She devotes her time and career to helping students learn, which in itself is very important and necessary, but she does it in a way that makes her stand out from the rest. Being able to see her interact with her students shows that she will not stop helping her students until they are content with their work and have resolved their difficulty. Ms. Jimenez does not disregard any of her students feelings and will always be there for her students when they are in need of help or even advice. The fact that I'm not even in her class and don't see what she does while she's teaching, but can notice these brilliant things about her, from only being around her for 20 minutes a day, shows how strong her personality is and how incredible of a teacher, as well as a person, she is. I can not express enough how much she cares for her students, as previously said. As I see it, Ms. Jimenez is so thankful to be teaching young adults the way she does. She has every right to take pride in how well she does her job, as she is very attentive and caring, it's unbelievable. Ms. Jimenez is one of the best teachers I have ever met, and I have attended 6 different schools in the past 15 years I have been alive. People like Ms. Jimenez need more recognition, and that is why I have written this, so that more people can understand how her students feel about her as a wonderful teacher!

Alexa Gousie

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