Student Nomination Story

I came from Iraq to the U.S and I was so scared because I didn't go to high school. I didn't have a nice people in my school in Iraq, even the teachers were not nice with me tand hey always used violence with me but when I came to Ferris everything changed. People were nice with me, and then I met Mr. Brown and he was the first the male teacher that I ever had in my life. He was so supportive to me. He was the first teacher who believed in me, and he taught me math and English because I got help from him in the morning. Sometimes I have a really hard time in the language and the subjects but he always made me smile. He made me get through the hard days that I had in my life. I had Mr. Brown when I was a freshman but I still come to visit him every morning and also after school to get math help or sometimes I just go to see him. Being a student in Mr. Brown's class when I was a freshman was the best thing that ever happened to me because he was there for me when I needed someone to take advice from. He always tells me that I can do it and he knows that I can . Seeing his smile is all I need to get through everything because he make my day better. I want to thank him so much, and nominating him is the only thing that I can do to show him how thankful I am to be his student.

Awsha Al-saedi

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