Student Nomination Story

This teacher is simply an inspiration to me and that is the easiest way to put it. Mr. Miller is a teacher who doesn’t even feel like a teacher but more of parent. Mr. Miller is constantly giving me inspiration from his personal life to make sure I can be the best I can possibly be in my life. He also inspires me to get good grades and maintain healthy relationships, not only does he help me out after school when I need help with certain concepts but he also helps me out with sports, telling me what I can do to get the best out of my high school experience and how I can hopefully get a college scholarship. From moving on from last year's math I struggled and now I understand math clear as day, with him after school giving up his free time to teach me after school. I can say since I came in contact with him, life has been greater in many ways. One example is he gave me the confidence to run for student government when I was feeling very insecure about it thinking I would never win. But with his words of wisdom he inspired me to take a shot and run for student government, he also made me not afraid of losing with student government and in during track. He constantly reminds me of all the fun times we had during track with me and friends saying how we miss track season. One time during track season when it was raining he ran with us in the rain to show leadership and that anything we do, he will do too. I know when track season comes again that will be the highlight of my sophomore year because he makes it three times better. He has also helped me do with my personal issues making it seem easier for working out but just having a nice and safe environment during track season where all we do is support each other. I know throughout high school he will continue to help me grow.

Isaac Cabral

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