Student Nomination Story

Mr. Marohn is the teacher I’m most thankful for. He was my seventh-grade teacher at St. John's Lannon. He taught social studies, math, and religion. I'm grateful for what he’s done for me all these years. He’s helped me try new things. In third grade, he wanted me to play basketball. I was not very athletic but I gave it a chance. What I learned is I should never give up. If I keep trying, I could be great at whatever I attempted. At first, I wasn't good but he worked me hard and encouraged me to get better. That encouragement helped me to get better and to enjoy basketball. That paid off because I'm now playing on JV at Arrowhead High School. I can't thank him enough because I wouldn’t be here without him. I think about what he's done for me before every game. In the classroom, he was a great teacher. He made learning easier for everyone but still would teach hard stuff. The reason it was so easy to learn was his personality. He always cared for everyone’s learning. He loved answering questions. What made me pay the most attention was when he talked about sports. His favorite was basketball he would talk about March Madness. We would take time in class to make brackets and we would see who would get it right. That was a great way to connect to the kids. The greatest part about him is that he cared about everyone. Whenever someone got in trouble, he wouldn't yell but he would talk in a way that you would learn your lesson. Another great part about him was that he would start a day with coffee and end the day with a day with coffee. When he left the school to go to another school, I never got to say how grateful I am to have had him as a teacher. I’m very grateful for God for putting Mr. Marohn in my life. I will never forget how grateful I am for him. Thank you, Mr. Marohn, for being such a great person in my life.

Jared Roberts

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