Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Ferland goes out of her way to affirm, esteem and encourage every student in her class. Mrs. Ferland is not only devoted to creating excellent musicians performing to the best of their abilities, but also to helping these students grow in character, understanding their importance and value as human beings. Mrs. Ferland didn't miss a beat when COVID restrictions didn't allow for any instruments with air and switched to an all-inclusive bucket drumming class, able to perform 6 feet apart, the result was amazing! When restrictions were somewhat lifted, Mrs. Ferland purchased instrument masks so students could continue to play, and when a last minute restriction denied a concert that was only weeks away, Mrs. Ferland quickly adapted to creating an outdoor platform so students and parents didn't have to miss out on all the students had worked for. Mrs. Ferland never hesitates to go above and beyond to bless her students and works tirelessly and way past working/paid hours to ensure this happens. After one performance Mrs. Ferland even purchased a theatre room in the local movie theater and invited all her students to enjoy a new screening on her! Lastly, Mrs. Ferland organized a Disney trip to California for her band students, almost 50 students plus chaperones! She entered the students in a music festival in which they placed second! She also arranged for the incredible experience of a professional recording with Disney. This woman deserves to be recognized! Thank you for considering her!

Admiral Hill

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