Student Nomination Story

I was in eighth grade at Lake Country School, scared of meeting the new teachers. When I walked into Mrs. Schliepp’s classroom I felt comfortable. Mrs. Schliepp greeted me with a, “Hello, I’m Mrs. Schliepp and you are?” I felt like she was a cool and nice teacher after talking to her. Mrs. Schliepp was a great teacher to have in school for English and Math. Mrs. Schliepp was a fun, upbeat teacher, she would make jokes in class to cheer us up. She would sometimes come into my other classes when another teacher was teaching. She would come in and make funny jokes and light-heartedly make fun of the other teachers (the other teachers were fine with it and would do the same back). It was cool how she had fun with the students and teachers, and how well she was connected with them. Mrs. Schliepp taught me math for a little bit before I moved up a level. I remember she would always look around for kids to help and would tell everybody it is okay to need help. She was a very nice and comforting person. Mrs. Schliepp was also my English teacher(she was great at that too). I remember we performed a Shakespeare play and went to a Shakespeare play. The Shakespeare play was one of the best field trips I ever went on. It was an enjoyable and out-right surprising field trip. All of us had never seen anything like that before so we were all interested. I'm glad Mrs. Schliepp let us go on that field trip. Mrs. Schliepp could make a joke out of everything, she was a funny teacher. She would try to make learning a fun thing. She tried to make something boring into fun. Mrs. Schliepp was never a boring teacher, she would always be in a good mood and ready to teach. She would always spread her happiness to the kids. Whenever I was on the way to her class, I would always know it was going to be a good day. I always knew I was going to walk into a classroom of happiness and excitement.

Ethan Krebs

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