Student Nomination Story

Ms. Lovell is the type of teacher that if you're struggling with anything, math, friends, other classes, or with just anything, she is always there to help you. Ms. Lovell is the funniest, calmest, and most relatable teacher that I've honestly ever known. There was one moment that I knew for a fact how willing she was to help me and my fellow classmates with anything. She personally helped me and others was when we were struggling with siblings at home, mostly with trying to talk and communicate with them. She gave me some really great advice on how to sit down, breathe, and recognize that I'm not always going to be right. She also encouraged me to acknowledge that we are all humans with our own stories whether they are 100 percent true/ false. Another moment when Ms. Lovell helped me was when I missed my TSI test by 10 points. She helped me by pushing me to study and get closer and closer to passing.

Ayianna Williams

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