Student Nomination Story

I have always been someone who struggles with math... especially Algebra. So as I entered junior year, prepared to dread algebra once again, I somehow found myself looking forward to my period 2 math class. It wasn't an abrupt change of heart about the subject matter, a sudden rise in my in my mathematical process, or even the fact that our snack break was after math class; It was the fact that Ms.Boucher was one of the most approachable, kind, and engaged math teachers I've ever had. If you knew me, you would know that being able to teach ME math is no easy feat... my parents can attest to that. However, Ms.Boucher took the time in class to understand why someone might be confused and then showed a different way or explained differently to make sure her students were comfortable in the subject matter. I remember one particular instance with matrices where the complex arrangement of numbers made no sense to me, but seeing that Ms.Boucher is always after school to help her students, I went after on a Thursday. I asked her questions that even I'll admit were things I definitely should've known, but she answered all of them and took the time to go through some problems with me as well. Above all else, she created a classroom environment in which students were able to feel comfortable. Math is a subject that many students dread, so it's especially important that students feel comfortable within the classroom and with the teacher to learn in a judgement free environment. Because of this environment, I was able to push through topics that were challenging to me and utilize the academic support that Ms.Boucher provided. Even looking at my grades now, I can see that every quarter my grade grew because of the learning style of this class... in comparison to some of my other classes that had more random variation in the averages. But grades aside, Ms. Boucher is also a remarkable person as she coaches our school's basketball team but still manages to stay after school almost all the time for her students. Just last week, I had a conversation about the balance between school and sports (being a varsity student athlete myself) and she reminded me of the importance of not compromising academics in that balance- wisdom she gained from being a former collegiate athlete herself. Ms. Boucher definitely deserves recognition for her talents in teaching and her care for her students through creating a comfortable learning environment.

Aratrika Ghosh

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