Student Nomination Story

When I used to wake up I hated school and I didn't want to go, but then I met the most fun teacher ever who liked learning and made it fun. My biggest challenges at school before I met Mrs. Varner were math and my friends, but Mrs. Varner got me and my friends through our issues and now I also like math. Mrs. Varner is special because she is a fun, kind, encouraging teacher who loves what she does. The one thing that really stuck with me is when she said, "If you don't try, you're giving up." I think about that every day. Mrs. Varner is encouraging and she helped me meet my goals for math. I am grateful for Mrs. Varner because she helped me no matter what, she helped me learn to love school and love learning. I wish I could spend every day with her. My dreams haven't changed they have just grown. I am going to be the best entrepreneur there has ever been and Mrs. Varner encouraged me to follow my dreams no matter what. The last thing I have to do is say thank you Mrs. Varner for everything.

Katie Durban

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