Student Nomination Story

Sophomore year I decided I wanted to take yearbook. I had no idea who taught it or what it was like and what was to come. Carol Medcalf is the advisor of yearbook and from day one she has made the class crazy. Her intense energy from being up since two in the morning shows. She's always tried to make the room welcoming and warm. She's stern but gentle at the same time. She calls the class "Babes, hooby-doobies" and all kinds of strange words she makes off the top of her head. Summer before junior year I was in Target walking around and I got a phone call. Normally I would have not answered the phone but I felt compelled to this time. I picked up the phone to the one and only Carol Medcalf. She asked me if I'd be interested in joining yearbook again. I originally was planning on taking mariachi instead of yearbook. Hearing Medcalf's voice reminded me how much fun I had in her classroom. So I rejoined her class. Our yearbook staff was shorthand but Medcalf always reminded us that she appreciated all of our hard work going towards the book. Overall Medcalf is a wonderful person. She has the most unique personality and has the sweetest things to say. In all my years of school Carol Marie Medcalf is the one teacher who deserves an award or deserves recognition the most. This is a tiny thing I could do for her when she has done so much for me.

Chloe Hansen

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