Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Bailey couldn’t have been a better teacher for Brayden. Brayden looked forward to going to school everyday because he enjoyed her class so much. Mrs. Bailey was very attentive, caring, loving, patient, and understanding. Brayden was able to be himself without judgement. It normally takes Brayden a while to get close to people, but he got so close with Mrs. Bailey that he cried the last day of school; he didn’t want to say bye. When a child asks if he can just fail 2nd grade so he can keep her as a teacher, doesn’t that say something? She has taught him to always stride for his best and never give up. She talked to him when he would be upset, she helped with bullying issues not only in school, but on the bus as well. She never failed to make sure he knew she was proud of him. Her communication was amazing when it came to parent concerns or questions. Mrs. Bailey will always be a part of our family, and forever known as the best 2nd grade teacher.

Brayden Alford

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