Student Nomination Story

Miss Cait, I use to hate school and I would always go to the office but since Miss Cait joined she has made it her priority to help me be wonderful. Your teacher befor Miss Cait was mean and she left for personal reasons but hearing we are getting a new teacher was never wracking and I was scared she was going to be mean or something else and I was concerned that school was going to get worse. My goals in my school life is to be responsible and someone every looks up too and the first thing my teacher did when she walked in was said how can I help you and what are the goals that I can help you reach. My grades and leadership skills have been through the skye with my teachers help. She is also a great leader. I love school now and I give all the credit to my teacher Miss Cait. She has helped me become better and more responsible. She has also made English my favorite part of school above everything and I really appreciate her. Because of Miss Cait I would love to be a teacher in the near by future and I hope that if I become a teacher that I will inspire kids as much as she does.

Isabella Guilford

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