Student Nomination Story

He was able to make me want to be a teacher again. Ever since I was younger I have wanted to be a teacher and be in education. In the past years I have become more and more hesident to get into that profession because of the stories I have heard from others and teachers. When I got into his class it was different from most classes I have had. He genually cares about all of his students and he wants the best for us and would do anything for us to succeed. Mr Werber has only missed a few days in his whole teaching career even though he has a form of cancer. He only had to miss some time because of Covid the last years. Being in his class I was able to understand that the job doesn't matter about the money but about the students and the relationships you form with them. He knows his students personally and cares for every single one of them. He teaches a a college chemistry class at the highschool and we had a college midterm he stayed after school everyday for weeks to go over examples and practice problems and he would do as many as needed until you understood. After we had the midterm his chemistry 1010 classes had the highest scores out of our area even with having more students in his classes than the others. He just has done so much and he does not want to retire he wants to keep going till he is not able to anymore even with his health problems. He is going to retire in a few years and I think this would be just an amazing way to tell him that his students love and care him.

Hailey Storie

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