Student Nomination Story

Ms. Winkler happens to be one of my favorite teacher. She is because when ever I have a situation she helps me. She makes math sooooooo much easier you have nooooo idea. She makes learning interesting and she teaches us new things everyday. And we also taught her a couple of things. I remember one time I was upset and she pulled me out of class and she gave me really good advice about my situation and followed her advice and I don't really worry about it. Also on October 30 I believe or October 29 the class taught her some words that kids used and it was sooo funny I really enjoy going to math sometimes when I'm upset I don't really look mad in math because I went to math. I just want time say that I really appreciate you Ms. Winkler and I will try my hardest to pass your class with a better grade enjoy your day. Thank you for everything Dynasty

Dynasty Nunez

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