Student Nomination Story

She was losing it. Over everything. Between the first ever move in April from small town Indiana to Grand Rapids, Mi, sensing stress from her parents and starting school....this little girl with sensory processing issues did not know how to cope. Her meltdowns were were big and her fits long and exhausting. She even made a baby sitter cry. I was terrified of sending her to public school. I was having trouble dealing with my child, how was a teacher with almost 30 students going to give her the time and understanding she needed. I was prepared to home school, I was prepared for letters and or calls home. I wasnt prepared for the drastic and amazing change in my child. The first week went by and Elizabeth reported loving school. She was excited to go and she loved "Mrs. Gerhard who had a baby in her belly". After the first 9 weeks the fits stopped, the meltdowns were far and few between and Elizabeth's handwriting improved so much. She was counting so much better, her confidence had grown and her teacher had become like a 2nd mom. Her class became like a second family. I don't know how Mrs. Gerhard could invest so much in my child when she was investing in so many other children....but she did. I don't worry about Elizabeth at school now. You should hear her read!!!! I thought it was going to be such a struggle and I think it could have been if it wasn't for her teacher. I've seen the way she'll read during circle time with the child that has special needs on her lap, and a circle of other children all around her. She loves to celebrate birthdays (And half birthdays), plan theme days, reward and recognize students and share great memories and stories on her Facebook page! She somehow makes each one feel special and safe and part of a family. Ive been searching for a way to recognize her and I hope you'll help me do just that.

Elizabeth Anders

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