Student Nomination Story

Ms. Mitchell has been a supporter to everyone in this school and community. She spends much of her day making food for teacher appreciation day, football kids, volleyball kids, wrestling kids and basketball kids. No one ever goes hungry with her around. Ms. Mitchell is our FBLA adviser, there are many days when she and her group are out collecting food and clothes and donations for those in need in our small community. She's also a foster parent, and I know many past students who have accomplished so much while under her care. Ms. Mitchell is my wrestling coach and last night I told her that I started practicing the things she is teaching in Personal finance and the proud smile she had was great. Ms. Mitchell has helped me grow as a person for the future. She's helped me learn more about what I want to do and how I can do it. She's the reason I decided that instead of teaching I want to be a social worker so I can help people like she does. Her classes teach us kids about the things we will need to do in our future like how to run Excel and how to balance checkbooks and how to get through life without going through debt. She's the most hard working and busy body teacher I have ever met. There's no one quite like our Ms. Mitchell.

Alyssa Cudney

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