Student Nomination Story

Mr.Byrne has had a big impact on my life. When I first started middle school I was scared and nervous but mr.Byrne gave me advise and ever since then I haven’t been scared and I know that if I need advise mr.byrne is the person to go to. Mr.Byrne has gave me opportunity’s that other teachers never would have gave me. For example, I was interested in the magnet program for creative writing here and Mr.Byrne helped me get auditioned even though I missed it he found a way for me to audition because he had faith in me. I am glad that Mr.Byrne is my teacher, he has made learning fun for me and he has made me like school more and more. Everyday on A days when I have 6th period he has a smile on his face. He never talks negative or anything like that he always knows how to uplift us and see the good in us. When we are missing stuff he encourages us to turn it in because he doesn’t want us to fail. I remember one time Mr.Byrne told me “I feel like this can impact your life” and when he said that I knew that I had a teacher that cares about my academics. One time I had to read my writing and I was scared to give my speech, But Mr.Byrne said “it’s a good story” and then he said “don’t be afraid to share your amazing work” after that I felt good about my writing and he has encouraged me to do that. I used to be a hater of writing but Mr.Byrne has showed me different ways of writing and different techniques and ever since then I have been a lover of writing. Mr,Byrne not only helps me with my writing but with my social life. When I first came into middle school I was shy and had no friends. Now I have a lot of friends. I only mainly have these friends because Mr.Byrne made seats so that I sat next to different people every semester or few weeks, this helped me talk to different people and I eventually found people that had the same interest as me and we became friends. Mr,Byrne isn’t a mean teacher and he doesn’t yell at us when we make mistakes because he always says “everyone makes mistakes”. Mr.Byrne recently had surgery and instead of staying home and calling a substitute he came in and taught us, even if he was in pain.

Katie Brigham

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