Student Nomination Story

I have raised two children in the Portland area they are both grown now. Just after the start of the 2019-20 school year, I took in my 10 yr old Grandson. He was placed in my care by DHS, unfortunately both his parents are addicts and were not caring for him. He came to me with some behavioral issues as anyone might expect. I enrolled him in Bridgeport Elementary and he was placed in Mrs. Alarcon’s class. Blake is a bright boy but had missed a lot of school since kindergarten to when I became involved. I spoke to the staff and Mrs Alarcon before Blake started so they had some idea he could be a lot to handle. Mrs. Alarcon was a champion she communicated with me by email daily to let me know how his day went and if there was anything I needed to be aware of. She put me in touch with the school counselor as well. Between the three of us we developed a good plan for Blake to be successful at school. Through Mrs Alarcon’s dedication and passion for teaching she was instrumental in keeping Blake motivated in class. She quickly figured out how to tell when Blake was at a limit and found a way to redirect him so as not to have a disruption in class. Please don’t think Blake is a bad child he is not he just needed a little extra attention. Attention he had never received at any other elementary school. Mrs Alarcon saw that Blake was often overwhelmed with the amount of class work and talked to me about an IEP or 504 plan to follow Blake as he progressed thru elementary to middle school and on if it was needed. I had never experienced the dedication to the success of Blake or my own kids when they were in school. It’s easy to see that she loves teaching and will do whatever it takes to reach every student she has. She calls them her “scholars”. It is her dedication as well as the dedication of the staff and everyone employed at Bridgeport that I would like to give a BIG shout out for. Bridgeport Elementary its staff and teachers are what every school should model themselves after. Since the pandemic and Distance learning I have seen what his music and pe teachers do to keep learning fresh and fun. They put a lot of work and effort more than I have seen when my kids went through school. I am amazed and grateful to everyone at Bridgeport but especially Mrs. Alarcon.

Blake Kruse

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