Student Nomination Story

Ms. Sipling has always made school fun by welcoming and starting each day with a positive and cheerful atmosphere with fun music. She has a way to make learning easy and fun for little kids. My son is a gifted student with ADHD and she accommodated and looked for ways to create positive reinforcement for him. With the hybrid school year, I get to witness firsthand how she treats and handles children with love, kindness and patience while my son is on Zoom meeting. She always goes above and beyond for both traditional and virtual students to make them all feel fair and not like they are missing out. My older son was in her class last year and as school closed down, she went above and beyond for all the kids by hand delivering the packages and graduation gifts with sweet note saying how happy she was to be his teacher and how proud she was of the kids! She makes such a differences to make the children feel what love and care is, and as a parent, we are so blessed for her.

Evan Andresky

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