Student Nomination Story

I would be honored to nominate an amazing person and teacher Mr. Medure. Not only that he is a math teacher, he is a great head coach for a baseball program at Huntington Beach High in California! I had no idea that learning to be a good baseball player was to have good reads on inspirational books. The level of inspirational in our zoom meetings gave us a bond that brought us closer as a team and family through out end of 2nd semester at home schooling was new to a lot of the students and players with concerns of Covid -19, uncertainly was a challenge that Mr. Medure made sure we were not alone and that will get through this together as a team and family! We as a whole from frosh to varsity baseball team made home video's to share together by nominating each other and I had a a good time making one, absolutely couldn't Encouraging us to always keep up everyday with incoming homework even though we may of had a grade set for Covid-19 and District. We rose and strived to be a better person and beyond to do more. Thank you for your time and hope you get read this nomination. Sincerely Nicholas David Dumesnil

Nicholas Dumesnil

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