Student Nomination Story

Mr. Melendez is our AP English Language and Composition teacher. Since the first day of school, he showed real care to make us grow and learn, not only in his class but also in our future. He noticed my potential, my desire to learn, and my determination to achieve my goals. An example of this was when I was applying to Quest Bridge. He pushed me to submit my application, work everyday to make it perfect, and receive detail feedback to ensure the best interpretation of myself to others. Through his help, I was able to be accepted, but the journey didn't end there. He aided me in establishing my future steps and know a path that could help me reach my future career goals. His contributions to aiding in my future showed through care in his job and helping students reach their true potential. There is no better teacher that could win this price than Mr. Melendez. His contributions to helping the future generations need to be honored.

Graciela Lara

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