Student Nomination Story

My teacher’s name is Mrs. De La Garza. She has been my teacher for one year and I am about to graduate from High School. I am a special education student that needs help in all my subject classes. I read very little and she is teaching me how to count money so I can someday work as massage therapist and be able to charge people. Mrs. Garza encourages me to not give up on my dreams. My dreams is to graduate from high school and get a real job someday. I live with my aunt because my mom lives in Mexico. Mrs. Garza is cool and cares about her students. She helps me to do my work and finds ways to get to my emotional stages of life. I am currently homebound due to the Covid and she makes sure that all my assignments are uploaded to the computer through my google class. My homebound teacher follows her instructions of the different work she gives me every week. She send me emails and post nice things through the stream on google class and that makes my day . Mrs. Garza deserves to get recognition because she works with students like me that have very low cognitive levels, and are academic and physical challenged. I have heard that we are special and all that but honestly its teachers and parents that work with student like me that should be honored every day. They are angels among teachers because they have unconditional love for us. They love us unconditional and go the extra mile to help us feel love no matter what our conditions are. Mrs. Garza is my angel and I just want her to know how much I appreciate her and love her for being my teacher this year. I will graduating this month and I know that without her it would be possible. We need more angels like her in the world today.

Amy Martinez

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