Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Whyte by Isabella Nekich I sat still in my class. The silence pierced my ears and found its way to my lungs. The tick tack of typing became the rhythm of my heart. My emotions built up behind my eyes. Not again, I thought. I glanced around the room, making sure no one could see the ugliness that sat on my face. I walked out of the room, not connecting eyes with anyone as I left. The air left my body, as I remembered the words of a friend. “If it happens again, go to counseling. I went a lot freshman year, it helps.” I hesitated. Going to counseling made this all too real. It meant that I truly needed help. It terrified me. But yet still I aimed my slow steps towards the counseling room. As I walked my tears broke through their barrier, and rolled off my face. I am beginning to scare myself. But some part of me willed me to continue forward. I need to get help. I got to the office, and the lady at the desk led me to a woman's room. She said her name was Mrs. Whyte. “What seems to be the cause of these tears, Bella?” she asked. And that was the moment I finally allowed myself to break. I fell apart piece by piece, all the while Mrs. Whyte slowly worked to put them back together. I poured my mushed brain and heart out to her, crying all of the rain from the clouds. After that day she made it a priority for us to meet at minimum once a week. I would talk, she would listen. She helped me organize my thoughts in ways I could not have done on my own. Even though I continued to struggle, just the knowledge of someone being there, and understanding me made me feel a bit more normal. At first I was hesitant, but slowly I built more trust in Mrs. Whyte, she created such a comfortable environment for me. She pushed and was determined to give me the tools I needed to start my journey to get better. Towards the end of the year, she even went as far as trying to connect me with a job opportunity, so I continued to keep myself moving throughout summer. Mrs. Whyte helped start the process of my healing. Even though I am at a different campus, and can not talk to her much more, I still think of her many times when I feel low. I try to use the tips she gave me, and still use them to continue and better myself. Without her during this difficult time in my life, who knows where I would be today. I am so very grateful for Mrs. Whyte, and I know many other students feel the same way.

Isabella Nekich

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