Student Nomination Story

Hi my name is Austin gerund I was born with Autism so sometimes school can be extremely difficult and hard for me. The thought of middle school was a nightmare but then I met this angel of a teacher named Miss Barb she has helped me grow. She has helped me get confidence in myself help me build courage up in me she makes me feel good about the accomplishments I have in school. She has helped me meet my IEP goals, she makes learning fun, and she always had a smile on her face. She's always loving and caring and going above and beyond for me and my classmates. She makes me feel like having a special needs is no big deal. Having a special needs does not define who you are your soul defines Who You Are. She sees me for me. She was one teacher that will build up confidence courage and strength within you, and she will never give up on you. She challenges you, she makes you feel proud about yourself and your accomplishments. She has changed my life and she's one teacher I will never forget so please help me recognize her for her outstanding efforts in teaching the special needs community in Middle School. Because of Miss Barb I want to go to school. She makes me want to learn and grow and love who I am the most of all have confidence and courage in myself no matter what disability you may have in life.

Austin Vanderlinden

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