Student Nomination Story

Ms. Koerner is by far the best teacher I have ever had. I personally have never been good at math. I always thought it was just because I didn’t get it or my brain just couldn’t figure it out. Then I came to H.G. Hill. When I first got here I started in a different math class. No offense but I felt the same way I had always felt, like I just don’t get it. Then I took this test. I was told it was a test to see if I could be placed into the integrated math class. Since I wasn’t here last year they couldn’t use my test scores. I was not sure if I was smart enough, but I tried my best anyways. To my surprise I passed. I took the test and I passed. Upon entering Ms. Koerner made me feel most welcomed and I truly appreciate that. Later I realized that math wasn't hard for me because I couldn’t get it, it was hard because I never had the right teacher. Now I learn math with ease all thanks to Ms. Koerner. Also I’ll never forget the time I was taking a test in her class. It was particularly hard test, and out of frustration I put at the bottom of the test “guess I'm not smart enough." Ms. Koerner pulled me to the side after grading the test and gave me a very inspirational speech and she basically said you ARE smart enough. While simultaneously making me feel GREAT about myself. So in conclusion with every bone in my body I nominate Ms. Bailey Koerner as the BEST teacher in the entire MNPS school system. You can hold me to that!

DeAndrea Wright

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