Student Nomination Story

Ms Fredricks is a very loving and personable teacher. She has changed my daughters like in so many ways , including encouraging her to open up and speak in class. I especially relied on her a few times for personal support, I was in fear that I wasn’t able to provide my scholars with the support they needed to progress academically but low and behold she encouraged me with her words of strength and a little humor to glaze it over. Ms.Fredricks along with her aide Ms Henderson are very patient with all the students in their class and others. For instance, during this crisis She has worked diligently with my child and her brother that isn’t even her student. I was so grateful for her because she added him to her class list so he could join her virtual classes and obtain assignments. In the beginning of the distance learning cycle I had difficulty accessing passwords, apps and materials but Ms Fredricks called around and found out ways she could assist us, she even stayed on the phone during her personal time to walk me through the log in process step by step after she obtained the information. How about the fact that she was willing to go out and expose her self and risk her safety to go to the school and pick up work packets for my children and others who did not receive the proper packets during round one of dispersal. Not only is she teaching via teams and zoom three days a week for three to four hours but she even added aftercare in the evening for an hour.Ayanna Fredricks is a great person, loving teacher and a wonderful role model for our children of color . Especially our little girls. Dyllon-Rose, Inglish and myself would like to thank her for all that she’s done for us in such a short school year. Thank You Ms. Fredricks

Dillon-Rose Gaskin

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