Student Nomination Story

this teacher has inspired me to be a better person and has inspired me to try harder in class. i began the year a mess. thinking i was stupid because i have never been good at english (the class). ive never gotten good grades in the class but mrs.westrich didnt care about the fact that i said i was dumb. she believed in me. she is always here for everyone in the class if they need to talk. on multiple occasions when my mate jackson was having a really bad day, she took him out of class and talked to him. she found out what was wrong and spent the entire class period with him. she has made me grow to love the class even though i have always hated the class. she is always patient with even the troubled ones. one time she even brought in rootbeer floats for everyone. she never seems cross. she always helps anyone in any way possible. it would really be great if she could win.

Dallas Reeves

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