Student Nomination Story

Around one year ago I was looking for a new goalie coach because my old on had passed away do to some health problems, but then I found Austin Keiser and he has a major impact on my hockey career and life. Because of the impact Austin has had on my hockey career, and the experience Austin has from playing and coaching goalie at high levels of hockey. When I first met Austin, I really didn’t care about how I did during private lessons, but he made me try more and more because of what he had seen in me. He made hockey about life by showing me what I could do with my talent and what I could achieve. Austin has also really helped me develop my hand-eye coordination and agility. During some of these private lessons we work on agility by skating of the start to warm up, then warms up my hands by shooting pucks at them while I do movements around the crease. After all that is done it really varies on what we do, because Austin has me do different things so I can learn them and then use them in game situations. Austin will make hockey about life but still help me develop my t-pushes and my butterfly slides. Austin really really makes hockey about life when he talks about how the moves we do during the private lessons could help with some jobs and other sports. Some jobs being CIA, Police, Body Guard, and other physical movement jobs. Some sports being baseball, lacrosse, and football. And this is why I wrote about my Coach Austin and would like to thank Austin for all of the development of my skills and as an all around person.

Sammy Kellenberger

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