Student Nomination Story

Ms. Snarr has helped me so much this school year and it hasn't even fully begun. She has given me the courage to face my problems and she also has helped me through them. I've been going through things that I don't feel comfortable with telling anyone. Yet she sat in her classroom after school and listen to what I had to say. I broke down in front of her and she gave no judgment, nothing but advice that will live with me. She's given me new eyes to see I can be happy and that there is someone there for me if I need to talk. She has helped me with my studies to by doing the same thing, she stays after school and lets me go into her classroom and work on my homework. She helps me and her students, even students she doesn't even have, with their work. She brightens everyone's day when she greets him/her at the door and say "Hi" and sometimes ask "how are you?" I mean I can't put into words of how much she cares for her students. She honestly inspires me to be someone like her. She's caring, she's kind, kids go to her to get advice or just to talk, I mean shes an amazing person and gives wise advice. She inspires me to be a better person and to be happy. She is a person to trust and to look up to. Seriously she HELPED me with my problems and she's made my tenth-grade year better, and even better than what it was. She needs to be noticed for the things she done. She's done and is doing so much for students without even knowing it. I think that she doesn't believe me when I say shes an amazing teacher and person. Putting into words of how much she helps and cares is hard. She really is a unique person and teacher. Shes helped me grow as a person, shes helped me with my studying and encouraging me to do what I love and to keep my head up and I will succeed, she inspires me to help people and to stay kind and be happy.

Alexiss Garcia

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