Student Nomination Story

Ms. Miller is officially a math teacher at Juarez Lincoln High School, but to me she is much more than that. I first met Ms. Miller the summer of 2019 as an incoming freshman, she's been present in my life ever since then. As a first gen. student I was very nervous about high school that summer, the stress from credits choosing the right classes, endorsements, etc. The first person I met at my current high was Ms. Miller and ever since then we have maintained a very nice teacher- student relationship, she helped me feel a lot less nervous and stressed about high school and about my classes. I think Ms. Miller should be recognized because in the course of my high school years I have seen the great teacher she is and surprisingly this year is the first that I actually get to share a classroom with her and be taught in person by her. Being in Ms. Miller's classroom is the best feeling ever, it is comforting and welcoming, the environment is just calm and relaxed, we work hard but at the same time we enjoy it. I don't know anyone that would disagree with me saying that Ms. Miller is an awesome teacher and if possible we would let all the world know how great she is to us. A more personal story that I would like to share happened during the pandemic. As all of us know the pandemic was very difficult on everyone, as it was for me. I started out the year doing good, motivated and determined to do and try my best with what I could do. By the end of my sophomore year my grades started decaying, I stopped logging into class, stopped completing any assignments, I completely disconnected myself. I remember I didn't recognize myself, I was going through something so hard and I didn't know how to make it better. At that time I was in Ms. Miller's class, she knew who I was from that summer but this was the first time that she was my teacher. I remember she called my mom, she talked to her and mentioned that I wasn't doing well. She was very understanding and explained to my mom that it was understandable that I was struggling but she didn't want me to give up because she knew what I was capable of. After she talked to my mom, she asked to talk to me and her words will live with me forever, she said: " Girl you got this, show up to class and I'll help you. It's not too late yet, I will help you get through this because I know that you're capable of doing it." From that point on I can say that I just admired her much more and right now I may even say that I have grown to care for her and have a very strong bond. I recently wrote her a letter and we both confessed to crying, for her it was when she read and for me it was when I typed it. Ms. Miller really made a huge impact in my life that I will forever be thankful for, this is why I believe she should be recognized and she deserves all the recognitions and awards in the world.

Leslie Garcia

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